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Online Discussion for #BigLibraryRead

In case you missed it, the Big Library Read is back! Big Library Read is an online global book club coordinated by Overdrive, where customers from libraries all over the world have simultaneous access to the same eBook at the same time – no waitlists or holds! It is typically offered 3-4 times/year. This time around we are reading Shakespeare Saved My Life: Ten Years in Solitary with the Bard, by...
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Big Library Read is Back!

From today through March 31, Windsor Public Library is once again participating in Overdrive’s Big Library Read. This time around we are reading/discussing Shakespeare Saved My Life: Ten Years in Solitary with the Bard, by Laura Bates. ABOUT THE BOOK: Shakespeare professor and prison volunteer Laura Bates thought she had seen it all. That is, until she decided to teach Shakespeare in a place the bard had never been before...
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We’ve Added some NEW Titles to our Digital Magazine Collection

Great news! We’ve added several new titles to our Zinio Digital Magazine Collection. From Bicycling and Baking to Gaming and Gardening and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. A few of the newest additions that customers are particularly excited about include: The Hockey News, The New Yorker, WIRED, Canadian Living and Game Informer. A few things to know about Zinio: *You can borrow as many titles as you want, and they never expire...
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Ways to Track Your Reading

You’re reading a book. You’re enjoying the book. Something about it feels natural, comfortable, even a little familiar. Then, about three chapters in, you have a light-bulb moment…the reason the book feels so familiar is because you have already read it! BAM! Cue the violins. Valuable reading time has just been wasted away. To me, bibliodejavu is annoying, frustrating, and totally unnecessary. With so many brilliantly written books out there,...
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2014: eResource Year in Review

2014. Is it just me? Or did the tablet, phone, phablet market explode this year? I used to be a gal with a purse for every occasion. I had my work purse, my school purse, my Tiger game purse, my fancy purse, my vacation purse, my running around with little kiddos purse; the list goes on, but I’ll spare you the details. This year I have come to realize that...
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