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Happy New Year!

Ah January. We’re past the holiday craze and into the beginning of a new year; a time of renewal and resolutions. Unfortunately, I can’t believe how many times I’ve set up a resolution only to fail dismally almost immediately. Last year was the first time I actually followed through on a resolution. Because… it was a reading resolution! One that made me smile, learn, laugh and expand my horizons. This...
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I Love Amy Poehler

I love Amy Poehler. Every since seeing her in Baby Mama and then later in Parks and Recreation, I’ve been thoroughly entertained and impressed by her comedic energy. I was so excited when I learned that she had an autobiography coming out that I put my name on the holds list immediately. I knew I wanted to read more about her after learning of her work with Smart Girls at the...
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Shhh Goodnight Library, Goodnight.

Are you sick of reading Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site a million times a night? Does your brain need a break from the shushing? While I’m not quite there yet (I’m only on read 566), it may be fun to shake up the bedtime routine with some different construction site tales! Sherri Dusker Rinker’s New York Times bestseller is an addicting read with fun rhymes, great pictures and a swarm of...
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Me Before You

When Lou loses her comfortable (but dead-end) job, she’s at a standstill. With no training or education, the employment centre has little to offer until she agrees to be caretaker to a paraplegic. Will Traynor was once a virulent and physical man; climbing mountains, sky diving, romancing women, until a car accident left him a paraplegic. Me Before You follows the friendship and eventually romance between an unlikely couple. I found...
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Mr. Mercedes

On a damp, chilly morning in a Midwestern city, a psychotic driver plows into a crowd gathered for a job fair, killing eight. It’s a horrific scene that plagues the hearts and minds of an entire city, but specifically of Bill Hodges,  the lead detective that was unable to catch the perpetrator.  One year later, Hodges is on a downward dive of depression and suicidal thoughts. Although he’s retired, the...
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