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WPL Is A Great Place To Learn About Aboriginal Culture For AAW

Join the Windsor Public Library in celebrating Aboriginal Awareness Week, May 20-23. This week was made to honour the Aboriginal people of Canada and to bring attention to issues affecting the Native and Indigenous members of our community. Interested in learning more about this important part of our Canadian mosaic? Visit your local branch of WPL to browse our collection of books and DVDs dedicated to Canada’s Aboriginal culture and peoples. The following list...
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Celebrate Aboriginal Awareness Week With WPL

This May, the Windsor Public Library will be celebrating Aboriginal Awareness Week (AAW). This event takes place the four days following Victoria Day (May 20-23). AAW was created to honour the Aboriginal people and cultures of Canada and is a great opportunity to learn more about the Métis, Inuit and First Nations members of our community. Help WPL celebrate this week by learning more about Aboriginal culture and the issues affecting Aboriginal members of...
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Book Sequels That Are Worth The Read

When discussing books it is often claimed that the sequel is never as good as the original. Unlike authors who plan a long running narrative over a series of books, the continuation of an original self-contained story can sometimes feel unnecessary or (at worst) a poor attempt to cash in on the success of the first work. While there certainly are follow-ups that fail to capture the elements which made...
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Graphic Novels (For Those Who Can’t Stand Superhero Stories)

For a lot of people the terms “comic book” and “graphic novel” bring to mind images of over-muscled men in tights fighting super-powered criminals. There is no denying that tight-and-cape tales have been a staple in the comic industry for almost seventy years, but this medium should not be overlooked for its ability to tell complex and innovative adult oriented stories outside of the superhero genre. Windsor Public Library’s extensive graphic...
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Help WPL Celebrate The Anniversaries Of Great Books

Anniversaries mark a time for celebration, so what better way to celebrate the anniversary of a piece of literature than by cracking it open and giving it a read? 2014 is a milestone year for a number of books and WPL is encouraging you to help us celebrate by reading some of these classic titles!   Turning twenty-five is Amy Tan’s best selling novel The Joy Luck Club. This popular title, which has been adapted...
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