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Lestat is Back!

It’s been over ten years since Anne Rice has released a novel from the infamous Vampire Chronicles. Blood Canticle (2003) was the last installment narrated by Lestat himself. As a treat, also enjoyed in Blackwood Farm (2002), it included characters from Rice’s other popular occult series, The Lives of the Mayfair Witches. In Prince Lestat (release date OCT 28 2014), we are brought back to the Chronicles’ roots. Lestat is...
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Colour Fun with Riverside’s Writing and Illustration Club

Check out the latest masterpieces created by members of the Riverside Writing and Illustration Club when you visit our very own blog. Our blog was just updated and gives a peak into what you can expect at our meetings. The club is open to any aspiring writer or illustrator ages 8 and up. Our next meeting will be Monday July 21 at 6pm, hope to see you there!  ...
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Riverside Writing and Illustration Club

It’s almost that time again! Just a quick reminder that our club meeting this week will be held on Monday night. WPL is now open for Summer Hours, which means no more Tuesday night meetings until mid-Sept. So if you plan on joining us this week we are meeting at Riverside Library downstairs in the Lions Room at 6pm on Monday night, May 26. Our blog has also been updated...
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Gallery Updated

Don’t miss the current blog post about our latest meeting at Riverside’s Writing and Illustration Club about Character Development.  We’ve also added to our Gallery where you can check out the latest character illustrations from some of our members. We are having a great time and are always looking for new people to join.  Any writer or illustrator ages 8 and up are welcome.  Our next meeting will be held Tuesday May...
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Writing and Illustration Gallery

Don’t miss the newly updated Gallery brought to you by Riverside’s Writing and Illustration Club.   Our blog was just updated to include a Gallery section where our members can share some of their writing and illustrations with you.  We are having our third meeting on Tuesday, April 15 at 6pm.  Please come join us!  Always open to new members ages 8 – 18 at Riverside Library.  ...
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